ABA Managament

Our Board directors have extensive experience in the industry and understand the drivers of a successful mining operation. They are elected to represent our stockholders with the objective of driving shareholder value.

The Board’s mandate is to establish policies for corporate management and make decisions on major company issues. The Board takes all reasonable measures to ensure that policies and processes are in place for identifying principal business risks and opportunities for the company. They also set clear values which include the organisation's commitment to legal and regulatory compliance, integrity and business ethics.


ABA is one hundred percent owned by the Australian Business Advancement Co-operative (ABA Co-op) registered in February 2017. The registration followed a long, vigorous process by the Victorian Justice Department. The ABA Co-op is supervised by the Consumer Affairs Department to whom the Co-operative’s auditors must report

Board of Directors

  • Marino Sussich
    Marino Sussich


    Marino has been an entrepreneur for over 25 years. He specialises in identifying and creating new business opportunities and taking them to market. His responsibilities have included the rollout of IT projects and services, business improvement initiatives, and merger and acquisition activities. He is also currently the Chairman of a leading English IT company

  • Nigel Harrison
    Nigel Harrison

    Director and Company Secretary

    Nigel has over 30 years’ experience in senior management and corporate governance with international experience in both public and private companies across Europe, the Americas and Australia.

    He brings strong management skills to the Board and has a proven track record in project funding, operational management, strategic development, business restructuring, change management, execution of capital investment projects, corporate compliance and financial management.

  • Peter Lombardo
    Peter Lombardo


    Peter Lombardo is a founding member of ABA and has played an important role in the planning, development and direction of the business.

    Peter is a civil engineer and has held several directorship positions in public and private companies. These have primarily been in the building and IT areas. Peter’s focus is to monitor infrastructure and operational costs which are becoming increasingly vital to the viability of resource projects. His technical background has always ensured that projects he has been involved in have a sound, practical design benefit and costing. Peter also provides experience in sales, distribution, finance, marketing and business administration

Management Team

ABA has an experienced management team with a strong track record and extensive expertise in gold mining and project execution in an opportunity-rich mining region. Our team is headed by Darrin Usher.

  • Marino Sussich
    Darrin Usher

    General Manager - Projects

    Darrin’s manages all departments to ensure our corporate objectives - including production and financial goals - are achieved whilst maintaining a safe, efficient working environment for ABA’s staff and the surrounding community.

    Darrin is also responsible for environmental compliance and maintaining and improving community and public relations. He acts as ABA’s representative to municipal, state, and federal governments as well as the local community.

    Darrin depth of knowledge, skills and experience is gained from over 20 years’ consulting and management experience in the mining area. His key attributes are his ability to build relationships with people whether they are directors, colleagues or other key stakeholders; representing environmental, approvals and social matters to industry and community; and becoming a trusted advisor in his field. From these relationships, Darrin drives innovation and pushes the boundaries of leading practice; develops strategic and practical approaches to maximise organisational performance and develops leading practice management approaches for construction and operational projects.

    Darrin has held senior roles in the construction and operation of major projects in Australia including gold and other mineral projects in north Queensland (the North Western Mineral Province), major iron ore projects in the Pilbara, Western Australia along with mining and oil & gas projects in Africa.

    “I’m always available to the people of Omeo District. If I can be of any assistance, please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or let’s catch up for a coffee.”

    Darrin can be contacted on 0411 621 502 or darrinu@abaresources.com.au

ABA Resources Pty Ltd (ABA Resources) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Australian Business Advancement Co-operative (ABA Co-op) which owns Cassilis Mining Pty Ltd (Cassilis Mining) and also Australian Gold Mines Pty Ltd which in turn owns Mt Wills Gold Mines Pty Ltd (Mt Wills).