“We are responsible environmental custodians and assist in the welfare of local communities where we operate.”

Working with the community

We’re not just about productivity, we’re about people. We have a strong commitment to sourcing and training people from the communities in which we operate and being a positive part of the local social fabric is very important to us.

Healthy communities mean strong families, sustainable population numbers and good opportunities for youth.

working with the community

Our Approach

It’s important to us that the communities in which we operate benefit from our involvement in their region. Continual consultation and close co-operation will allow us to provide assistance through economic and social involvement. It’s also important we respect cultural values and the indigenous population by adding to, not changing, the social fabric of the region.

Omeo Community Presentation

In late 2017 we held an information briefing with the Omeo community. This provided a forum for further community engagement and an exchange of ideas to ensure we had shared values on our presence in the region.

Future community presentations and discussions are planned along with the creation of a Community Reference Group. We have also recently leased office space in Omeo which we intend to use for our Mt Wills and Cassilis projects.

Employment and Third Party Suppliers

As we roll out our mining and exploration project schedules, there will be an emphasis on employing locals and training people for specific roles. Where possible, we will also use local, third-party suppliers. Please contact us if you are interested.

As part of this initiative, we will be sending an Expression of Interest to potential suppliers and sub-contractors in the Omeo Region in Q4, 2018. This will help ABA gauge what local services are available and where local people in the Omeo region can support ABA.

working with the community

Our community commitments

We will create a unique, one team community engagement model which delivers real, tangible and measurable benefits.

  • We will hire locally where possible; and train people for specific roles.
  • We will support local businesses and third-party suppliers where possible.
  • We will support the local community with social funds for education and sport along with non-profit and government organisations.
  • We will endeavour to attract other investment to the area and work with local members of the community where requested.
  • We will ensure the environment is protected at all times.
  • We will respect cultural values and the indigenous population in the areas where we operate.

ABA Resources Pty Ltd (ABA Resources) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Australian Business Advancement Co-operative (ABA Co-op) which owns Cassilis Mining Pty Ltd (Cassilis Mining) and also Australian Gold Mines Pty Ltd which in turn owns Mt Wills Gold Mines Pty Ltd (Mt Wills).